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Journey Through Time: A Tale of the Skylon Tower and its Former Amusement Park

The Skylon Tower is one of the most notable landmarks in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Towering over the city and providing a panoramic view of both the Canadian and American sides of the falls, the Skylon Tower has been a beacon for visitors since it opened to the public in October 1965.

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls horseshoe falls Canada Ontario

The construction of the tower started in May 1964, under the supervision of famous Canadian architect Arthur Erickson. The tower, reaching 520 feet into the sky, was constructed using a method known as slip forming, which enabled it to be built at a rate of approximately five feet per day.

Once finished, the tower offered two dining options - a revolving dining room at the very top that made a complete rotation every hour, offering a constantly changing view, and a family-affordable Summit Suite Dining room located one floor below the Revolving Dining Room.

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls ontario canada

Below the tower, the Skylon Family Fun Center became one of Niagara’s largest indoor amusement park areas. With games, rides, and interactive exhibits, it catered to families and tourists of all ages. Highlights of the Fun Center included the 4D motion theatre ride, Skylon Tower's digital theatre, the XD Theatre, Fun Foto studio and a massive indoor playground.

Sadly, due to structural concerns and evolving safety standards, the Skylon Family Fun Center was closed in 2017 and replaced with a theatre for performances.

Nevertheless, Skylon Tower has remained an iconic part of the Niagara Falls skyline. The tower not only offers one of the best views of the falls but also provides a glimpse into the region's history and development as one of North America's leading tourist destinations.

Today, aside from its impressive viewing deck and dining options, Skylon Tower hosts a shopping concourse and a wide array of activities designed to educate and entertain visitors about the natural wonder that is Niagara Falls. The tower stands as a symbol of the majestic power of the falls and the diverse offerings of the Niagara region. Even without its original amusement park, Skylon Tower continues to be a beacon of fun, history, and awe-inspiring views.

Niagara Falls Skylon Tower Canada Ontario

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