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A ‘Must See’ – Historical and Scenic Old Fort Niagara

Walk in the footsteps of history at the Old Fort Niagara in Historic Youngstown, New York! Historical re-enactments of 18th Century battles have drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors to Fort Niagara for more than a hundred years.

Historical and Scenic Old Fort Niagara - Niagara Falls, New York
Historical and Scenic Old Fort Niagara

Fort Niagara was originally built in 1726 to protect the interests of New France in North America. The fort played a significant role in the French and Indian War, but ultimately fell to the British in a 19-day siege in July of 1759 known as the Battle of Fort Niagara. The history of this place spans more than three-hundred years.

Fort Niagara served as the Loyalist base in New York during the American Revolutionary War. Altogether, the fort was occupied by three nations at one time or another: the French, the British, and the United States.

Standing on its bluff above Lake Ontario, Fort Niagara has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Niagara Region. In addition to the spectacular scenery, Fort Niagara, owned by the State of New York and operated by a private non-for-profit organization, features the oldest buildings of any Great Lakes area.


Old Fort Niagara State Park (just a short drive from Niagara Falls)

TEL: (716) 745-7611



Children 6-12........................$12

Children 5 & under...............FREE

If you're in the area, the Historical and Scenic Old Fort Niagara is a must see!

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