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Aaron Rodgers Believes Josh Allen is a Favorite in NFL MVP Race

With the NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) race heating up as only two weeks of the regular season remain, a handful of players are emerging as frontrunners. Prior favorite Brock Purdy saw his odds tumble following a poor performance against the Baltimore Ravens. As a result, the current favorites for the award include Lamar Jackson, Christian McCaffrey and Tua Tagovailoa. However, Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the New York Jets, contends that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen deserves serious consideration for the MVP over everyone else.

Josh Allen Aaron Rodgers MVP NFL

In an interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers advocated for Allen, drawing attention to his impressive record of 40 combined touchdowns for four consecutive years. Moreover, the Bills have chalked up four straight wins, three of which were against reputable, playoff-bound teams. Rodgers mentioned the possibility of Buffalo wrapping up the year with an 11-6 record, which, depending on other results, could give them the AFC's No. 2 seed.

Though Rodgers misstated the Bills' win streak (which is three, not four), his key point was that if Allen continues his high level of performance, he ought to be seriously considered for the MVP award. Rodgers hypothetically proposed that if Allen manages to throw eight more touchdowns in the final two games, finishing the year with a total of 48, his candidacy would be undeniable.

The fact that Allen currently leads the NFL in total touchdowns underlines his value to his team. Rodgers maintains that if the Bills finish the year on a high note, voters should think about putting Allen at the top of their MVP ballot, recognising the indispensable role he has played for Buffalo's franchise.

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