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Bills' Game against Dolphins Assigned to Penalty-heavy Alex Kemp Crew

Alex Kemp's officiating crew has been assigned for the upcoming Buffalo Bills versus Miami Dolphins game, sparking concern amongst fans.

Buffalo Bills NFL Fans

Kemp's officiating team has a reputation for excessive penalties, with an average of 14.75 per game, second only to Land Clark's crew. They're known to particularly target visiting teams.

They've officiated a Bills game previously this season against the Bengals where the team was assessed 11 penalties for 98 yards, where a controversial taunting penalty was given to QB Josh Allen. The crew even officiated the Bills' previous playoff loss to Cincinnati.

As it relates to week 18's matchup against the Dolphins, this crew officiated last year's game in Miami where the Bills lost 21-19. The crew frequently penalizes illegal contact, defensive holding, and pass interference.

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