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BILLS MAFIA - Buffalo Bills #1 Fans

Buffalo Bills season is fast approaching and every time it does, my mind always resorts back to one of my favorite memories.

8 years ago when I was working for Elderwood Residences at Wheatfield Independent Living in Wheatfield NY, I had this crazy idea to have a little fun with the residents there. Now, I use the term "residents" very loosely, because to me they were and will always be a part of my family. It was truly the best job and experience I had ever had.

So, how did we have fun? I gathered up all of the Buffalo Bills memorabilia I could find, grabbed my camera, and went to the Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities all located on the same campus in Wheatfield. I danced and laughed and sang with my #1 Buffalo Bills Fans.

Originally, we wanted Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan to come visit us, and though that didn't happen, I still think that all of the hard work that went into this video was worth every single second. I'm still holding out for the Buffalo Bills to come and visit the campus for both the few residents that still live there after eight years and the new.

I hope you enjoy this video that holds near and dear to my heart. You cant help but smile at the pure joy on their faces!


Owner of the Niagara Action

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