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Bills QB Josh Allen is the Modern-Day Dan Marino

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen has been under fire lately for turnovers - and the criticism is well deserved. Thus far in 2023, Allen has 11 interceptions and 4 fumbles lost. His history of turnovers is also coming to the forefront given the Bills' disappointing season. But what if we told you that Allen's numbers the same if not better than beloved Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino?

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In his career, Allen has seasons of 12 (2018), 9 (2019), 10 (2020), 15 (2021), and 14 (2022) with a career interception percentage of 2.4%.

Take a look at Dan Marino's career interception numbers: 6 (1983), 17 (1984), 21 (1985), 23 (1986), 13 (1987), 23 (1988), 22 (1989), 11 (1990), 13 (1991), 16 (1992), 3, (1993 in 5 games), 17 (1994), 15 (1995), 9 (1996), 11 (1997), 15 (1998), and 17 (1999). His career interception percentage is 3%.

In terms of interceptions, Allen is less turnover prone than Marino.

Completion Percentage

In his career, Josh Allen has a completion percentage of 62.5%. On the other hand, Dan Marino had a career interception rate of 59.4%. In terms of completion percentage, Allen is more accurate than Marino.

Yards Per Game

In his career, Josh Allen has thrown for an average of 241.3 YPG. Dan Marino's YPG is 253.6. Marino narrowly edges out Allen here by less than 13 more yards per game.

Rushing Yards Per Game

In his career, Josh Allen has an average rushing yards per game of 38.3 YPG. Dan Marino had an average rushing yards per game of .4 YPG. Allen edges out Marino by more than 37 yards per game on the ground.

Rushing Touchdowns for Career

In his 6 year career, Josh Allen has 45 rushing touchdowns. Dan Marino in his 17 year career had 9 rushing touchdowns.

Career Fumbles

Dan Marino had 110 career fumbles. Allen has 56, which puts him on pace to match or slightly exceed Marino.


Dan Marino is loved across all NFL circles for being a gunslinger across his 17 year career - and rightfully so - but stats don't lie.

Bills QB Josh Allen is the modern day Dan Marino. Love or hate the turnovers, Allen is who is - a gunslinger - and a darn good one.

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