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Buffalo-based Azuna to Support Tyler Bass and Ten Lives Club with “Bullying Stinks” Campaign

Azuna, the official odor eliminator of the Buffalo Bills, today announced it will donate $1,000 plus 5% of all sales at this Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 24 and 25, to the Ten Lives Club in support of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass’ favorite charity.

Buffalo-based Azuna to Support Tyler Bass and Ten Lives Club with “Bullying Stinks” Campaign Buffalo Bills

“Bullying stinks,” said Scott Dancy, CEO & Founder of Azuna. “And we’re all about trying to make the world a little sweeter.”

The campaign is being launched in response to harassment leveled at Bass after Sunday night’s Buffalo Bills /Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship game, where the kicker missed a fourth quarter game-tying field goal. Bass reportedly deleted his social media accounts after receiving negative attention and even death threats.

In response, Bills Mafia have raised thousands of dollars so far for Bass’ charity. As a partner of the Buffalo Bills and a Buffalo-based company, Azuna is committed to playing a role in helping the cause and uplifting the community.

“Less emotion, more compassion,” continued Dancy. “It’s the least we can do to offset the haters and celebrate the many positive aspects of the Bills season. And support Bass, who’s been unfairly bullied.”

Azuna is a digital-first, household products company that creates sustainable, plant-based and naturally powerful odor eliminating solutions for cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor air that’s better for people, pets and the planet.

To purchase Azuna products and support Ten Lives Club, go to and make your purchase Wednesday Jan. 24 through Thursday, Jan. 25.

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