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Buffalo Bills Fun Facts

Here are just a few fun facts about the Buffalo Bills (if you're a fan, we are pretty sure you know all these already)!


1. The Buffalo Bills were established in 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) and joined the NFL in 1970 during the AFL-NFL merger.

2. The team was named after the famous Buffalo Bill Cody, a renowned showman and American frontiersman.

3. The Bills have won the AFC Championship four times, but unfortunately, they have not yet won the Super Bowl. They appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls from 1990 to 1993 but were unable to secure a victory.

4. The team's iconic logo, featuring a charging buffalo, was designed by noted sports artist Stevens Wright in 1974.

5. The Bills are known for their passionate and loyal fan base, often referred to as the "Bills Mafia." They are known for their tailgating traditions, including the famous "table smashing" ritual.

6. The Bills play their home games at Highmark Stadium, formerly known as New Era Field, located in Orchard Park, New York.

7. Jim Kelly, the Bills' former quarterback, is one of the most iconic players in franchise history. He led the team to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

8. The Bills are also known for their strong defense, earning the nickname "The Buffalo Defense" during their successful run in the early 1990s.

9. The team's official fight song is called "Shout," which has become a popular anthem among Bills fans.

10. Despite the Super Bowl losses, the Bills' consistent success in the 1990s led to them being recognized as one of the most dominant teams of that decade.

These are just a few fun facts about the Buffalo Bills. If you're a fan, I'm sure you'll enjoy following their journey and cheering them on in their future games!

Did we miss any good ones? Post them below!

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