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Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen Passes Mahomes to Break NFL Touchdown Record

In the 2023 NFL season, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen made NFL history, breaking a record previously held by Dan Marino and then Patrick Mahomes.

Buffalo Bills Josh Allen
Photo Credit Buffalo Bills

Selected seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, Josh Allen's prolific career took a massive leap when he notched his 205th career touchdown. This stunning figure places him as the top quarterback in total touchdowns in the first six seasons of an NFL career.

The remarkable milestone came when Allen passed to Ty Johnson for a game-defining touchdown against the New York Jets. CBS reported the event with enthusiasm: Josh Allen has just made NFL history."

Buffalo Bills Josh Allen NFL Touchdown Record
Josh Allen passed Patrick Mahomes as having the most touchdowns in NFL history in a player's first six seasons.

Even the impressive 1983-1988 record of Dan Marino, with 199 touchdowns, now stands two spots below Josh Allen. With Allen's groundbreaking performance, he's forged a new path of greatness, forever imprinted in NFL history.

In the same game against the New York Jets, Allen added another record. He connected with James Cook for a 5-yard touchdown, thus extending his touchdown streak to an unprecedented 19 games. The prior record-holder, Jim Kelly, managed 18 consecutive games with a touchdown in his heyday.

Over his career, Allen has developed into a phenomenal quarterback and his numerous records are a testament to his unmatched prowess on the field. While it's evident he is following the footsteps of NFL greats, Allen is blazing his trail. With more games left in the season, the anticipation builds as we wait to see how much further he can stretch his incredible record.

As the saying goes, records are meant to be broken, but Allen is making it an art.

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