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Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen Stars in Hilarious Paramount+ Ad

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen will showcase his acting skills during the team's upcoming playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, broadcast by CBS. Allen is featured in a Paramount+ commercial alongside CBS' top broadcasting trio of Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, and Tracy Wolfson. The ad humorously includes characters from children’s TV shows and Transformers, all to promote the streaming platform.

Josh Allen CBS Paramount Jim Nantz Tony Romo Buffalo Bills NFL

Nantz praises Allen's throwing prowess as he tosses a pass to Peppa Pig. Romo agrees with Nantz’s evaluation. Meanwhile, Wolfson stands by Dora the Explorer and shares that the arm of Scourge, a villain from Transformers voiced by Peter Dinklage, who has frozen. Allen shows Scourge how to loosen his arm.

When Scourge subsequently fires his cannon at a mountain, he gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from a referee. Allen continues his role as Paramount+ spokesperson, having been part of the streaming service's advertisement campaign earlier this season.

A follow-up Paramount+ ad is set to broadcast during the Super Bowl, airing on February 11th.

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