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Don't Miss Sonic's Limited-Time Blackout Slush Float for the Solar Eclipse

Sonic has announced a unique blackout slush treat perfect for the upcoming solar eclipse that will be visible across a large part of the United States on April 8th. The Blackout Slush Float has been unveiled by Sonic and will be available nationwide beginning March 25th. The slush is described as having a delicious blend of sweet cotton candy and dragon fruit flavors, created to represent the temporary darkness of the solar eclipse. It is topped with soft serve ice cream and galaxy-themed sprinkles in shades of blue and purple for an out-of-this-world appearance.

Don't Miss Sonic's Limited-Time Blackout Slush Float for the Solar Eclipse

Mackenzie Gibson, Sonic's vice president of culinary and menu innovation, expressed excitement about the launch, particularly for locations where the eclipse will be visible. Sonic aims to provide fans with a fun and delicious way to celebrate the eclipse with the new treat. The brand has also partnered with former NASA astronaut Terry Virts to help people prepare for the eclipse, emphasizing the importance of using proper eclipse-viewing glasses to protect their eyes.

Virts, who is enthusiastic about the Blackout Slush Float, highlighted the importance of using the right protective eyewear for viewing the eclipse. Eclipse-viewing glasses are specially designed to meet international standards and shield the eyes from harmful radiation.

Sonic customers get a pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses along with the Blackout Slush Float between March 25th and May 5th to fully enjoy the eclipse-themed treat!

Just like the solar eclipse, the Blackout Slush Float is a limited-time offering, so don't miss out on the opportunity to try this celestial-inspired drink.

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