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Exploring Niagara Falls: A Family Adventure on Both Sides of the Border

Readers of Niagara Action,

As a family of five, it was important to choose a vacation destination that promised entertainment and enchantment for everyone. After some consideration, my wife and I decided on Niagara Falls, and in hindsight, it was undoubtedly the perfect choice.

Exploring Niagara Falls: A Family Adventure on Both Sides of the Border

We started our adventure at the picturesque Niagara Falls State Park, which was an instant hit for our family. Surrounded by verdant flora and panoramic views of the Falls, our three kids were truly amazed. Then we embarked on a thrilling ride on the iconic Maid of the Mist. Cloaked in blue ponchos, we encountered the breathtaking wonder of the Falls from the best perspective, feeling the invigorating mist of the cascading water on our faces.

Following this, we headed to the Cave of the Winds. Trekking on wooden walkways, we marveled at the magnificence of the falls right before our eyes. Feeling the mighty gales and observing the massive waterfall was a spectacle our kids won’t soon forget.

Venturing across the border, we experienced Clifton Hill's vibrant heart on the Canadian side. Our children particularly enjoyed the dinosaur-themed mini golf course. A combination of prehistoric decor and playful competition ensured that there was never a dull moment. Afterward, we hopped on the giant Ferris Wheel and were gifted with panoramic views of Niagara Falls in all its glory. The haunted houses dotted along the hill made for thrilling and enjoyable explorations, setting hearts racing and imaginations running wild.

Among the notable highlights was the enthralling journey behind the Falls, providing us with a different, compelling perspective. Venturing into the network of 'the tunnel' was indeed a memorable adventure, granting a behind-the-scenes look at this stunning wonder of nature.

And I would be remiss to not mention the magical nighttime illumination of Niagara Falls. The American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls changing colors after dusk. There was even a short, yet wonderful, fireworks display that started at 10pm.

Next on our itinerary was a trip to the historic Old Fort Niagara. Our kids had an exciting, educational day learning about the Niagara region's history and its vital role during the War of 1812.

To indulge our adventurous spirit, we spent a day at Six Flags Darien Lake amusement park. Roller coasters, water rides, games, and the ambiance thrilled the children and made it a memorable day of our vacation. The next day we traveled to Letchworth State Park, famously known as the Grand Canyon of the East. This astounding collection of trails and waterfalls was beautiful and showcased another dimension of this majestic region.

In conclusion, our vacation at Niagara Falls exceeded our expectations, blending excitement, education, adventure, and bonding. For any family contemplating a getaway, Niagara Falls offers an unrivaled vacation destination. We look forward to returning to relive these enchanting memories again when the kids are older!

-Jackson Stoelsonberg

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