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FBI Closes Investigation on Niagara Falls Bridge Accident, No Terrorism Involved

The FBI has concluded its investigation into a car explosion at a Niagara Falls border checkpoint that killed two people, ruling out the possibility of terrorism.

Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls New York USA Canada Ontario

The accident, which involved a vehicle crashing into a median, becoming airborne and then exploding upon collision with a line of booths, resulted in the Rainbow Bridge's closure and three other bridges linking western New York and Ontario.

Following an initial probe that revealed no link to terrorism or evidence of explosives, the FBI handed over the case to the local police for further investigation.

The gravity of the explosion resulted in the incident being treated as a potential terrorist incident, but as facts were learned throughout the day it was established that the explosion was not the result of any sort of bomb.

FOX News Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge Attempted Terror Attack
Photo of headline from FOX News.

Several major news outlets, including FOX, reported that the incident was an "attempted terror attack," which was based on their reporters on the ground in Niagara Falls. These reports were incorrect and changed throughout the day as more information was gathered by law enforcement.

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