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Former Buffalo Bills Player Mike Williams Dies from Rare Dental Infection

Former Buffalo Bills NFL player, Mike Williams, passed away on September 12th from a rare form of sepsis related to dental health issues. He was 36.

Mike Williams buffalo bills

A preliminary report from the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner revealed that his sepsis originated from a dental infection and retained tooth roots. Cardiovascular disease was also listed as a contributing factor to his death. However, a full autopsy, which will include toxicology among other information, is yet to be released. This is the first instance that a death in Hillsborough County has been attributed to this specific type of dental sepsis.

Williams had a successful football career, playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four seasons from 2010, after he was drafted from Syracuse. His best performance was in his rookie year when he achieved 11 touchdowns and received 964 yards. Williams also had stints with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs before his NFL exit in 2016.

Williams’ life was celebrated posthumously at the Riverside High School football field by family, friends, and alumni. Doves were released in his memory, marking his influence as a Western New York native and a former Bills wideout.

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