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Former Council Chairman Tompkins Appointed Deputy Director of Public Works

Ken Tompkins, former Niagara Falls council chairman, has been hired as the city’s deputy director of public works, which was announced Mayor Robert Restaino last week.

Former Council Chairman Ken Tompkins Appointed Deputy Director of Public Works

Tompkins succeeds Anthony Feagin, who has been promoted to director, following the retirement of John Kinney. Prior to his new appointment, Tompkins worked as a teaching assistant and, before that, for H.W. Bryk and Sons Plumbing.

Tompkins expressed anticipation for the challenge of examining the operations of DPW closely to identify potential areas for improvement, benefiting the residents. With eight years of council experience, he has an understanding of the DPW.

Despite his excitement and natural nerves about the significant change, he aims to transform it into a more user-friendly environment.

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