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Dufferin Island Loop Trail

Dufferin Island Loop Trail


The trail comes to life between April and October, but winter also provides a picturesque setting (especially during the Festival of Lights). It features both paved and gravel sections, interspersed with concrete or wooden bridges equipped with railings, offering varied terrain for the adventurous. The trail generally has a gentle gradient of 5% or less, though some steep sections (8-12%) are present.

It's wheelchair and stroller accessible, although some sections might require assistance. All-terrain equipment may be necessary for the unpaved sections, and safety gear like reflector strips, mounted lights, or bright flags are recommended if sharing the roadway with vehicles. Parking is available at a cost, and there are ample resting spots with picnic tables.

In short, the Dufferin Island Loop Trail is a short yet immersive natural getaway, offering captivating views, a range of activities, and easy accessibility, a stone's throw away from the iconic Niagara Falls.

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