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Frankie's and Dicamillo's: A Tour of the Best Donuts in Niagara Falls, USA

Whether you’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls or simply taking a break after exploring its world-renowned waterfall, donuts can be the ultimate delight. Thankfully, the city hosts some fabulous donut shops which can truly cater to all types of palates. If you ever find yourself in Niagara Falls, USA, Frankie's Donuts and Dicamillo's Bakery are the best of the best:

Frankie's Donuts Niagara Falls New York USA United States

Frankie's Donuts: Being a long-standing business for over 60 years, Frankie's Donuts is as integral to the fabric of Niagara Falls as the majestic waterfalls themselves. A visit to Frankie’s offers a mouth-watering array of classic, handcrafted donuts made with love and skill. The selection can range from yeast donuts, jelly donuts, and filled donuts, to cinnamon twists, apple fritters and other glazed wonders. You may also find innovative treats like maple bacon donuts, adding a unique twist to their standard offering. Frankie's donuts has a nostalgia-imbued atmosphere, providing the perfect ambiance to savor their decadent pastries with a piping hot coffee on a cozy morning.


Dicamillo's Bakery Niagara Falls New York USA United States

Dicamillo's Bakery: On the other hand, if you crave for Italian influenced baked goods along with donuts, DiCamillo’s Bakery is your best bet. The DiCamillo family has been a culinary institution in Niagara Falls for over a century, continually serving delicious and high-quality bakery items. In terms of donuts, DiCamillo’s menu covers a comprehensive array from the conventional powdered sugar and glaze to the gourmet raspberry-filled and cannoli cream-topped varieties. What sets DiCamillo's donuts apart is their deliciously soft texture with a slightly crunchy exterior. Coupled with their innovative fillings and toppings, they make a compelling case for a must-visit.

So, when you're done soaking in the stunning sights of Niagara Falls, step into one of these excellent shops to enjoy a gastronomic treat that complements the beauty of your surroundings. Their heartwarming donuts promise to enhance your visit to this legendary natural spectacle with a flavor-packed detour. Happy tasting!

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