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Griffon Brewing Expands Culinary Empire with Tap Room in Youngstown

Culinary mavens Ken Scibetta and Ed Webster are augmenting their food and drink business with the Griffon Brewing tap room, situated in the Village of Youngstown, which officially opened on February 4th!

Griffon Brewing Expands Culinary Empire with Tap Room in Youngstown New York
Photo credit Griffon brewing on Facebook

They are no strangers to the food and drink scene with Griffon establishments in Lewiston, Niagara Falls, and East Aurora. The dynamic duo has transformed a former supermarket into a bustling eatery.

In a recent Facebook Q&A session, they shed light on their newest endeavor and quelled queries of their fervent supporters. The information they disclosed has been summarized below:

Food lovers can expect to enjoy a variety of delectable options on the menu, which differs from their other restaurants. Apart from standard appetizers, salads, and burgers, you can also expect pizzas and a scrumptious lasagna named 'Garfield's Favorite'.

This new tap room should not be misconstrued as a restaurant but rather as a tasting room where you can savor excellent food alongside great beer.

The founders emphasized their eagerness for the beer options they are providing. From refreshing lagers, robust IPAs to rich stouts, and even a new blueberry sour beer dubbed Blue-by Traps.

Patrons can take away canned beers and branded merchandise which will constantly change in availability and style. In warmer weather, an inviting patio will offer a location for al fresco dining, featuring seating, a bar, live music and more.

During the initial period, Griffon Brewing tap room will open from Thursday to Sunday, with a plan to extend operating days gradually.

They confirmed the introduction of a takeout food service. While it may not be available from the get-go, online ordering will eventually be offered to accommodate customer demands.

Although a brewery, Griffon Brewing will also host a full bar offering liquor, wine, and house-made seltzers.

Griffon beers are likely to be served at their other restaurants with the caveat that some exclusive brews will be available solely at the tasting room.

The new tap room is located at 200 Lockport St. in Youngstown, New York.

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