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Inside Scoop: Dion Dawkins Reveals Josh Allen is "In Love" with Hailee Steinfeld

Buffalo Bills' offensive lineman Dion Dawkins didn't hold back when it came to expressing his teammate Josh Allen's feelings, suggesting that the star quarterback is deeply smitten with girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld, even if Allen himself hasn't explicitly said so.

Inside Scoop: Dion Dawkins Reveals Josh Allen is "In Love" with Hailee Steinfeld

Dawkins, who recently secured a multi-year extension to continue protecting Allen's blindside on the field, appeared on "Up & Adams" alongside host Kay Adams and former Tennessee Titans LT Taylor Lewan. During the show, Dawkins delved into the infamous incident in Paris where Allen experienced a wardrobe malfunction.

In his explanation, Dawkins offered insights into what he believes Allen might be going through, especially in the realm of fashion.

"I think it’s more about Josh experiencing a new style of clothing," Dawkins remarked, reflecting on Allen's attire in Paris. "I think he has this new romantic interest, and she's introducing him to different types of clothing that he's not accustomed to."

Dawkins continued, "So Josh might have been the guy who always wore stretchy pants like Lululemon, you know, something comfy every day. But now, with this new relationship, he's venturing into tailored, structured clothing, and when you're wearing something more fitted, accidents like the one in Paris can happen."

Responding to Dawkins' observations, Adams humorously remarked, "You really know your quarterback, Dion."

Dawkins replied, "I know Josh, and let me tell you, Josh is not just adapting to his surroundings. Josh is in love. Josh is absolutely in love, so if his significant other is suggesting new wardrobe choices, Josh is all in for trying them out."

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