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Niagara Recreational Hiking Trail

Niagara Recreational Hiking Trail


This beautiful, paved, multi-use path runs alongside the Canadian side of the Niagara River, offering stunning views and plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting. It is best visited between May and October and welcomes dog-walkers, provided pets are kept on a leash.

The trail provides numerous accessible spaces within its large parking lot off of Niagara Parkway. Its paved asphalt surface is smooth, with a width of at least 2 meters, allowing for easy navigation. The trail tends to get crowded, which might make the off-season more attractive to some.

The first 5.2 miles (8.5 kilometers) of the trail are the most accessible, featuring a gentle grade. Steeper sections (over 8% grade) are encountered at around the .75 mile (2.1 km) downhill and 4.1 mile (6.7 km) uphill points, so individuals using mobility equipment or strollers might require assistance or might prefer to bypass these sections for safety reasons. This versatile trail caters to a broad range of preferences and abilities, making it an enjoyable destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


3351 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

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