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Josh Allen's Incredible 52-Yard Touchdown Makes Playoff History

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen's rushing touchdown in a recent playoff game was the second longest in history, surpassed only by Colin Kaepernick’s 56-yard rush in a playoff game 11 years prior. The rush also marked the longest in Allen's career. Following his touchdown, fans of the Bills cheered enthusiastically, tossing snow in the air and chanting 'MVP.'

Buffalo Bills Josh Allen

CBS analyst Tony Romo, was stunned.

"Him and Mahomes, no one in NFL history in the playoffs has depended on their legs in big key moments. Fifteen rushes last week, he’s ramped it up with his legs – and none bigger than this one. Fifty-two yards – and he shows the extra burst. The definition of a game-wrecker on offense.”

His colleague Jim Nantz commented on Allen’s capabilities, stating that he's often likened to 'Big Ben' (Roethlisberger) due to his size and tenacity, yet he's able to outpace any other player of similar size when rushing the ball.

The Bills, led by Allen who accounted for four total touchdowns (three passing and one rushing), will meet the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional round on Sunday.

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