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Josh's Biggest Fan: Hailee Steinfeld Attended Nearly Every Bills Game

Josh's Biggest Fan: Hailee Steinfeld Attended Nearly Every Bills Game
Hailee Steinfeld attending the Buffalo Bills vs LA Chargers game

Laying low in their relationship since it started in May of 2023, actress Hailee Steinfeld and Bills QB Josh Allen remain largely unobserved by the media. The Academy Award-nominated actress refrains from being in the spotlight at Bills games but hardly misses attending them, be it on home turf or away games. In fact, the actress made it to nearly every single Bills game this past year.

With the acting industry undergoing its most extended strike ever, she spent the majority of the NFL season in Buffalo. Steinfeld and LaVonne Allen, Josh’s mother, enjoyed some shopping ahead of Bills' Week 4 game, collecting Bills' gear. During the international Bills-Jaguars match held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, Steinfeld watched the game alongside Daniel Ricciardo, one of Allen's closest friends.

Shortly afterward, Allen and Steinfeld appeared publicly together for the first time at the Buffalo Sabres' first home game in October.

Josh Allen Hailee Steinfeld Buffalo Bills Romance Love
Josh Allen speaking with Kay Adams on Radio Row during Super Bowl week.

Steinfeld marked her 27th birthday with Allen in December, which happened to coincide with the Bills’ annual holiday celebration. Though the Golden Globes’ commitment made her miss the Bills’ final regular-season game, she returned to Buffalo for the Wild Card round against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When asked if Josh would be attending the Oscars next month alongside Steinfeld who is nominated for Best Animated Feature, Allen responded, "I may."

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