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Matt Araiza Cleared as Accuser Withdraws Lawsuit, Sets Eyes on NFL Comeback

The woman who accused former San Diego State University student Matt Araiza of rape has withdrawn her lawsuit against him. Araiza, nicknamed 'Punt God', was alleged to have sexually assaulted her along with others at a 2021 party near the university.

Matt Araiza Buffalo Bills NFL rape lawsuit

Although she was only 17 years old at the time, the incident was ruled as consensual by both the school and the legal authorities. This victory is somewhat hollow, Araiza's lawyer Dick Semerdjian expressed, as reported by Yahoo Sports. He lamented the precious 16 months that Araiza had lost fighting unfounded charges and defending his future NFL career.

Presumption of innocence is essential in our justice system, Semerdjian emphasized. Despite public uproar when accusations surfaced, Araiza maintained his innocence, a stance bolstered by extensive evidence that eventually led to his voluntary dismissal from the case.

The lawsuit is done with and Araiza has emerged victorious, Semerdjian added. Araiza's next steps include focusing on his return to the NFL and resurrecting his promising punting career.

In the lawsuit, Araiza was accused of forcefully pushing the young woman onto a bed and sexually assaulting her without her consent. The episode, which allegedly left her traumatized, was claimed to have lasted an hour and a half.

While Araiza did confirm having sex with her, he asserted he was unaware of her being a minor. Later, evidence showed Araiza had left the party before the alleged group sexual assault took place.

Following the initiation of the lawsuit, Araiza, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2022, was cut from the team during training camp. Araiza now plans to bring a defamation suit.

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