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New $46M Welcome Center Opens at Niagara Falls State Park

The freshly unveiled welcome center at Niagara Falls State Park, worth $46 million, commenced its operations on Monday, providing an entrance to ticket purchases and concession services. Spanning over an area of 28,000 square feet, this addition aligns with the state's goal to revamp the park, ensuring it's user-friendly for tourists who usually stop by for brief visits.

Niagara Falls State Park welcome center opens Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul acknowledged the importance of this new establishment during her visit on Monday. She expressed that this latest inclusion greatly complements the park's remarkable appeal and will aid tourists in arranging their park visits, and exploration of local businesses and other tourist spots in Niagara Falls and Western New York.

A variety of services such as ticketing and information counters, concession facilities, and restrooms will be accessible within the center. Its low roof and glass enclosures will also offer tourists with picturesque park views. However, there's more work to be accomplished. The last part of this initiative is set to introduce a museum that will feature discussions about the park's natural history, industrial background, and Indigenous American heritage.

The welcome center pays tribute to the previous owner of Buffalo Bills, Ralph C. Wilson, by being named after him. The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation played a significant part by investing $8 million into the project.

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