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Officer Thwarts Attempted Illegal Crossing from Canada to USA, Arrests Five

In the evening hours of Wednesday, January 3rd, at approximately 10:30pm, four individuals were attempting to illegally cross the river in a raft near Youngstown from Canada into the USA (United States).

Niagara Falls Canada USA United States Ontario New York NY

The information was put out on the radio and Officer Battista of the Lewiston Police Department observed an out of state vehicle in the area and initiated a traffic stop. She identified a single occupant in the vehicle at the time of the stop.

After tracking the subjects from the raft, they were observed loading into the vehicle that Officer Battista had stopped earlier in the night. A second vehicle stop was initiated, and a total of 5 people were identified inside. One of the subjects ran and was taken into custody.

All five individuals were arrested by Border Patrol and the case is pending.

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