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3-Day Art Camp at Carnegie Art Center August 24-26, 2023!

The Carnegie Art Center is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the development of visual and performing arts. Through the presentation of exhibitions, concerts, performances, classes, and other fine art activities, the Carnegie provides educational and cultural enrichment to the Western New York region.


August 24-26, 2023


10:00AM - 2:30PM


$25 each or a special rate of $45 for the day (save $5 with this option). All supplies will be provided.


Pre-registration for each day of classes is required. Registration is available on the Carnegie Art Center’s website

For questions email: or call 716-694-4400.


Carnegie Art Center

240 Goundry Street

North Tonawanda, NY 14120

More Info:

“We saw success in the Spring Art Camp we hosted in April, and we are thrilled to provide another Art Camp for the community before school begins.”, says Program Coordinator Natalie Brown.

For questions email: or call 716-694-4400.

Details & Daily Schedule

Summer Art Camp Day 1:

Thursday, August 24, 2023

10AM-12PM Painting on Cloth with Ginny O’Brien

Children will use their own imagination to complete a one of a kind color study on silk cloth. This success-oriented, open ended project allows for an engaging, fun activity for artists of all ages and abilities. This class will feature water-based textile paint, color exploration, and embellishment. The finished art may be worn as a scarf or hung on the wall as a work of art!

12-12:30 PM Lunch Break

*Children should bring their own lunches.

12:30-2:30PM Fun Watercolor Clouds with Martha Rogala

Children begin by looking at ways artists use a variety of watercolor techniques and atmospheric perspective (big words, easy concept) to create landscape paintings you feel like you can walk right into. By creating a fun sky with clouds, children will see a landscape emerge before their eyes. Layers of paint will show perspectives and give landscapes a wonderful sense of depth.


Summer Art Camp Day 2:

Friday, August 25, 2023

10AM-12PM Printing on Cloth with Ginny O’Brien

Using paint and print-ready bandanas, children will cut their own stencils to use on the cloth material. Other resist techniques using masking tape and hand stamps will be used to create unique designs and color combinations. The completed and dried bandana may be worn or hung on the wall as a work of art!

12-12:30 PM Lunch Break

*Children should bring their own lunches.

12:30-2:30PM Abstract Watercolors, Playing with Color Mixing and Glazing with Martha Rogala

Some artists enjoy making artwork that doesn’t look like anything we see but uses shapes, colors and textures in a fun and unique way. Children will experiment with several watercolor techniques before moving to an abstract painting that layers colors on top of each other to create new colors. Time permitting, additional textures, patterns, and three-dimensional qualities will be added.


Summer Art Camp Day 3:

Saturday, August 26, 2023

10AM-12PM Collaging with Cloth with Ginny O’Brien

Digitally printed images on wide format cloth will be provided to children for the purpose of cutting a variety of selected motifs and images creating a new and unique work of art. Option to experiment with oil pastels. These cloth collages will be adhered to a round canvas panel. The finished art is ready to hang or can be placed on a free-standing support frame.

12-12:30 PM Lunch Break

*Children should bring their own lunches.

12:30-2:30PM Create a Mural with Chris Kameck

Children will work independently and collaboratively using fabric, paint and design skills to construct an 8-foot long public art piece. Children will learn how to use upcycled materials to create a new and exciting mural. Collaborative work will involve following a pattern and learning about shape and form. The result will be a mural displayed at the Carnegie Art Center! Please note this class will take place outside, weather permitting.


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