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The Niagara Action has maintained the largest social media presence in Niagara County for well over five years. Since 2023, it has shifted its focus to concentrating on promoting positive community news and tourism for the Cataract City.

Throughout that time, the Niagara Action has grown to cement itself as having the largest tourism-based social media presence in the world, centered around Niagara Falls.

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With over 320,000 Facebook followers, Niagara Action has a significantly large reach around the world which we believe can be extremely beneficial for a business. This gives us a wide variety of options to help both small and large businesses alike!

Here at Niagara Action we strive to make your marketing process with us as easy as possible. We offer two options to suit your preferences where you can create the content or we can do it for you!

Please contact us below with any questions that you may have or to ask for our media kit! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Niagara Action Marketing

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