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It's Festival Season! Niagara County Peach Festival 2023

Niagara County Peach Festival 2023 is not something you want to miss. For the 65th year in a row the festival will be yet again filled with entertainment for the entire family! At Peach Fest you can expect live music, carnival rides, vendors and food from Lewiston and Niagara County.

Niagara County Peach Festival
Niagara County Peach Festival

Niagara County Peach Festival

September 7-10, 2023

When: September 7-10, 2023

More Information: Website

Schedule: Click here!

Make sure you take a look at this schedule because this festival is more than just rides and games! There is a parade, peach taste-off competition, the Peach Fuzz, Peach Blossom, and Peach Queen pageants!

Ride Tickets:

The most affordable way to purchase ride tickets is to get them in advance. Advance ride tickets will be available for purchase at any of the locations listed below beginning August 21, 2023. The pre-sale ticket purchase price of $20 is 50% off of the tickets purchased on the field at the festival.

Advance Purchase Locations for Discounts on Ride Tickets!


Tops Market

Favorites Pizzeria

Key Bank

Deal Realty Inc.

Villa Coffee Shop

The Orange Cat Coffee Co.

Tim Hortons

Stuart Sports

Coppin’s Service Station

Janice’s Family Hair Care

Capital Cleaners

Brewed and Bottled

Gallo Stonehouse

Warren’s Village Hardware

Apple Granny Restaurant

Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce

Moose Lodge

Greg’s Pool

DiCamillo’s Bakery

Northwest Savings Bank

Town of Niagara and Niagara Falls

Tops Military Road

Capitol Cleaners

Time Hortons (5) Locations

Latina Importing

Northwest Savings Bank

Supermarket Liquors

Niagara’s Choice

FCU Wedge Liquors

DiCamillo’s Bakery


Main Street Pizzeria

The Great Foodini Food Truck and Pizzeria

The Village Diner


Knead the Dough

The Great Foodini

Stevenson Hardware

Grand Island

Niagara Frontier Publications Mojo Markets


Mojo Market


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