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Judas Tree Amaro Bar - A Hidden Gem in Niagara Falls, NY

Judas Tree is an Amici & Amaro Bar; a hidden gem opened by a brother-sister duo Beckah and Josh Carey in Niagara Falls, NY specializing in locally sourced ingredients. There is literally nothing like it that i've ever seen - it's like stepping from Niagara Falls, NY into another world.

Upon stepping in, you are greeted by a beautiful atmosphere decorated in thrifted vintage furniture and, most importantly, the kindest most inviting welcome by the staff.

Relating to a Mediterranean theme with small plates, we couldn't choose just one selection from the menus because we were entrapped by the unique range of food they had listed. We learned that the most of the recipes are family created/made (the cannolis are hand made and the filling is whipped per order - literally to die for) and all other items from the menu are either home grown or locally sourced. I could go into more detail about every aspect relating to this restaurant, but I want to leave some for you to experience first hand.

Food and drinks aside - what made this restaurant stand out to me is the staff. Mention it is your first time and they will explain everything with patience, love and care.

From the food & drinks, bocce court, indoor or outdoor seating, to the music they have on weekends, at Judas Tree, you are truly experiencing all that Western New York has to offer.

See the video below for a virtual tour of Judas Tree.

Menu here.

Events here.

Hours & Information:

Tuesday 5–11 PM Wednesday 5–11 PM Thursday 5–11 PM Friday 5–11 PM Saturday 5–11 PM Sunday Closed Monday Closed

(716) 236-7150


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