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Niagara Means 'Thundering Noise' - Explore its Native Iroquoian Roots

Over 20 million people travel to Niagara Falls each year to experience its grandeur and natural beauty. A question many of them ask is where the name Niagara came from.

Niagara Falls Thundering Noise Iroquoian Explorer Louis Hennepin

The name 'Niagara' derives from an Iroquoian word Onguiaahra which means "a thundering noise." This word was anglicized (made English) by missionaries who visited the region hundreds of years ago. In fact, the term 'Niagara' first appeared on maps as early as 1641. However, there are some scholars who believe the name Niagara derived from another native word meaning "thundering waters." Regardless, the theme is the same - Niagara means something powerful.

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