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Would You Skydive Over Niagara Falls to Get the Best View?

Imagine seeing not only Niagara Falls, but the Toronto Skyline, Fort Niagara, local landmarks such as ArtPark Amphitheater and Whirlpool State Park and more from the sky!

Skydiving with Skydive the Niagara Falls USA

Well Skydive the Falls has you covered. They are the only skydiving center that circles over the top of the Niagara Falls in the area.

After circling all of the incredible views of lake Ontario, the lower Niagara River and the Canadian shoreline including the Toronto skyline, they fly you back to their drop zone where you get to make your free fall with one of Skydive the Falls' experienced instructors. They will ensure that the experience is a smooth, fun and safe.


Skydive the Falls


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