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Terrapin Point


As you walk closer to Terrapin Point it becomes apparent that you’re about to see and experience something special. This must-see location can be found at the northwestern corner of Goat Island directly next to the Horseshoe Falls.   

As you stand there and take in the thunderous roar of water spilling onto the rocky pool below, you’ll notice something quite magical. Several visitors have remarked that they felt a sensation of being drawn closer. Once there, you will have a front row seat to the power of the falls as water is driven into the lower Niagara River.  


Terrapin Point used to be Terrapin Rocks, visible bedrock just above the brink of the falls. But in order to improve the view, the Army Corps of Engineers reconstructed the area. What you have today is a well-groomed area with a paved walkway and observation point that includes breathtaking views of the falls, a mist pool, the Canadian skyline, and, of course, a rainbow. 


Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls, NY, USA

(716) 278-0337

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