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Nearly 9.5 Million Tourists Visit Niagara Falls State Park in 2023

In 2023, nearly 9.5 million tourists visited Niagara Falls State Park, marking a slight increase from the 9.38 million that toured the location in the previous year, per New York State officials. The rise is in line with the overall 6% surge in visits to New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation-operated parks, historic landmarks, campgrounds and trails. State parks recorded an all-time high of 84.1 million visitors, resulting in almost 4.7 million additional visits.

Record Breaking Tourism Numbers at Niagara Falls State Park in 2023

Among other local state parks in New York, Fort Niagara recorded 633,533 visitors, followed by Wilson Tuscarora with 227,258, Artpark with 249,095, Joseph Davis with 143,315, and Four Mile Creek with 67,111 in the year 2023.

Commenting on these figures, Governor Kathy Hochul stated that they indicate New Yorkers’ heightened interest and value for recreational spaces to engage in safe activities and gatherings. Her administration aims to continue fostering access to world-class recreational facilities, she added.

Improved facilities and renovations have also contributed to the surge in visits, as stated by State Parks Commissioner Erik Kulleseid. Noteworthy developments include a $46 million Welcome Center at Niagara Falls State Park, a $6.8 million multi-use trail at Allegany State Park, and $3 million of enhancements at Green Lakes State Park in Onondaga County.

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