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Sadly, There is no Josh Allen - Patrick Mahomes Comparison & Here's Why

When analyzing quarterback talent in the NFL, few can deny that Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs are two of the most prominent names in the sport. Despite the numbers, highlight-reel plays, and thrilling fourth-quarter performances exhibited by both on a yearly basis, their career accomplishments make it clear they are not exactly on the same level. With Mahomes being an undeniable force and experiencing significantly more success, there's an evident disparity.

Sadly, There is no Josh Allen - Patrick Mahomes Comparison & Here's Why Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs

After assuming the starting quarterback role in Kansas City, Mahomes has revolutionized the Chiefs offense in a spectacular manner. At 28, he has already captured two Super Bowl championships, Super Bowl MVP, and two NFL MVP awards - feats that speak volumes of his elite-level talent and consistent play. Also, Mahomes holds the fastest record to reach 10,000 passing yards, establishing him as a fearsome offensive weapon in the league. Mahomes has made it to the AFC Championship game in each year since becoming a starter in the NFL, going to the Super Bowl four times in that span.


In contrast, Josh Allen has not yet matched the heights of Mahomes’ success. Despite being an exceptional player in his own right and having tremendous individual success, his resume pales when compared to Mahomes. He does not hold any league MVPs or Super Bowl titles – with only one AFC Championship game appearance and never having reached the Super Bowl - something Mahomes achieved his first few years in the league.


This doesn't demean Allen's prowess as an NFL quarterback. With the Bills' management seemingly surrounding him with more weapons and the right system in place, Allen's journey to reaching his potential and challenging Mahomes' dominance can become more than a dream. But for now, Mahomes’ incredible array of accolades and game-changing performances undoubtedly place him at a level above Allen.


While both Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are exceptional talents with bright futures, their careers so far haven't been on the same plane. Time will tell whether Allen will eventually match or perhaps surpass Mahomes' exploits – we sure hope he can.

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