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Soar Above Niagara Falls on the World's Largest Helium Balloon Ride

LIVE! Incorporated is gearing up to debut the newest marvel in Niagara Falls, USA: The Fallsview Balloon Ride, proclaimed to be the largest helium balloon of its kind. The attraction is poised for its inaugural launch in June.

 Soar Above Niagara Falls on the World's Largest Helium Balloon Ride

Organizers have expressed excitement over this attraction, stating it will revolutionize the visitor experience in Niagara Falls, USA, by providing a novel vantage point from above. According to a recent announcement, this innovative attraction will elevate guests more than 500 feet (about 150 meters) above ground, granting expansive views of the iconic Niagara Falls. It's designed to accommodate up to 180 guests per hour across all age groups. Each flight aims to offer a unique and breathtaking perspective, immersing passengers in the natural splendor of the falls like never before.

Adding a vibrant twist to the experience, the LIVE! On Air Balloon will incorporate a rock ‘n’ roll theme, complete with dynamic music and lighting effects from the moment of ascent to descent. Daytime voyages promise unmatched vistas of the falls, while evening excursions provide exclusive glimpses of fireworks and illuminated waters. Furthermore, the balloon ride will be available for private and group events, offering a distinct and unforgettable adventure.

Envisioned as a musical odyssey in the skies, the ride promises an enchanting experience, offering unparalleled views of the falls amid a soundtrack of uplifting tunes.

The launch point for the LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride is situated at 454 Main St., previously home to Rainbow Air and Hummingbird Helicopters. The much-anticipated first flight is scheduled for June, with the attraction opening up for group reservations throughout the summer season.

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