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The Annual Demolition and Rebuilding of the Cave of the Winds Each Year

Niagara Falls offers not only the jaw-dropping views of the mighty falls but also an array of exciting attractions. One of them is the Cave of the Winds, a thrilling tourist destination at the Niagara Falls State Park, which has all stairs and walkways closest to the falls demolished and rebuilt every year due to the fierce weather conditions during the winter.

Cave of the Winds Niagara Falls USA American Falls bridal Veil Falls Goat Island

This fascinating attraction takes the tourists as close to the falls as they can possibly get, offering a soaking, gusty adventure into the roar of Niagara. A wooden deck built on the cliff of Niagara Gorge takes visitors to within 20 feet of the rushing Bridal Veil Falls. This site is dubbed as the Hurricane Deck, as the power of the falls can generate winds over 68 miles per hour.

This tourist attraction is originally named after the natural cave discovered in 1834 behind Bridal Veil Falls, approximately 130 feet high, 100 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. However, the cave was deemed unstable and was dynamited shut for safety reasons in 1954.

The harsh winter weather at Niagara makes the place prone to icy conditions and high winds. To protect the deck from being ripped apart by ice formations during winter and to maintain the safety of the visitors, this attraction is dismantled every November. The wooden deck is ripped apart, piece by piece, and taken away before the winter onslaught begins. As the weather gets warmer and the icy danger diminishes, usually around May, the deck is meticulously reconstructed for the forthcoming summer tourist season.

The annual construction and demolition of the Cave of the Winds have been a part of the local tradition for over a century. It's a testament to the man-made marvel's resilience, standing against the sheer power of nature. This impressive feat makes the Cave of the Winds even more of an enticing prospect for thrill-seeking tourists.

The Cave of the Winds remains year-round throughout the winter months. There remains a walking area that does not need to be replaced where you can stand close to the American and Bridal Veil Falls - experiencing all of the ice, snow and misty chills that make it a winter wonderland.

Remember, when you visit this marvel, it's not just any deck but a symbol of human resilience, a deck that stares down at one of nature's most ferocious sights, standing tall and strong only to be torn down and born again every year. So, get ready for your windbreaker ponchos and specially designed sandals as you prepare to brave the tropical storm-like conditions at the Cave of the Winds. Enjoy the gushing sprays and thunderous roars of Niagara up close, for a unique, immersive experience that'll stay with you for a lifetime.

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