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The Carnival of Carnage at the Backyard of Horrors!

Join the Backyard of Horrors for the ultimate Halloween experience as they delve deep into the horrifying world of Halloween '23: The Conclusion of the Carnival of Carnage.

Prepare yourself, for their most beloved theme is making its final appearance, and The Ringmaster has returned with his entourage. The grand spectacle awaits you under the big top.

🎡 This year, they have gone above and beyond to immerse you in the dark magic of the Ringmaster. With over 30 recorded voice lines for their main character, you will encounter his presence throughout the event, guiding you from the front gates to the captivating wonders that lie within the main stage.

🎈 Midway booths have made a comeback and are ready to entertain guests of all ages. As always, there will be candy prizes for those who dare to play. To manage the overwhelming traffic they experienced last year, they have divided the driveway into two separate lines, and the haunt will now have its exit on the opposite side of the house, effectively cutting the flow in half.

🎪 The Big Top is where the true horror begins. The Ringmaster has brought his most terrifying displays to the backyard, and the price of admission is nothing short of your life. This year, they have expanded the haunt with two additional rooms, promising a more intense and gore-filled walkthrough than ever before. Thanks to the proceeds from their merchandise sales, they have upgraded the audio speakers and implemented new triggers to enhance the scare factor for their talented actors.

As you step into the Big Top, you will be greeted by the Ringmaster himself, proudly unveiling the gruesome showcase to all guests. However, the night takes a sinister turn as the carnies seize control of the displays. Custom audio has been meticulously crafted to evolve with each room, intensifying the terror as you progress. Experience the mind-bending illusions of the manic magician and come face to face with the ravenous man-eating beast. This is the show they have been eagerly awaiting.

🔮 Madame Mama's Fortune Cookies returns, offering the crowd-favorite sugar cookies, as well as blood-soaked popcorn freshly popped from their sinister popcorn machine. This event is completely free to ensure that as many people as possible can partake in a killer Halloween experience.

If you enjoy what you see, supporting us through the concession stand is a fantastic way to contribute to next year's theme. Additionally, they have launched their first wave of merchandise, featuring trick or treat bags and pins, perfect for adding a touch of Halloween spirit to your celebrations.

Will we see you there? Or are you too scared?


1010 93rd Street

Niagara Falls, NY 14034


Halloween Night!



Concessions and merchandise available for purchase to support this event!


They can be contacted through their Facebook in the link below.


The second annual "We Love Halloween" contest is here! Click the link below to vote for the Backyard of Horrors!

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