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Ultimate Relaxation at the Niagara Gorge's All-Natural Jacuzzi

Niagara Falls is world-renowned for its powerful, majestic waterfalls that attract millions of visitors every year. But lesser known is a unique natural formation in the area - the Niagara Gorge Jacuzzi.

Niagara Falls Devil's Hole State Park Whirlpool State Park New York NY USA United States Canada CA Ontario Rapids

Located downstream from the falls on the America side of the border, this area is aptly referred to as Devil's Hole. This jacuzzi is a swirling whirlpool that's a unique natural phenomena, caused by the volume of water forced into this narrowed space of the gorge.

Accessible via the Devil’s Hole State Park, the trail will lead you through dense forest and rugged terrain to this unique spot. Here, visitors are welcomed by the roaring, frothy whirlpool.

Swimming or getting too close to the whirlpool is strongly discouraged due to strong currents and the hazardous nature of the whirlpool. However, from a safe distance, the powerful natural jacuzzi presents an awe-inspiring spectacle and provides plenty of photo opportunities. It also presents a great opportunity to close your eyes and relax as you listen to the serene sounds of water rushing by.

Aside from the natural jacuzzi, the Niagara Gorge is a stunning location for outdoor enthusiasts. The Niagara Gorge trail system, for example, offers a range of trails for different fitness levels, and hikers will be rewarded with panoramic views of the rapid river and the beautiful gorge carved out by ancient glaciers.

This unique natural jacuzzi may not be as popular or as easy to reach as the mesmerizing Niagara Falls, but it is worth a visit for those interested in seeing a different and lesser-known part of this spectacular landscape.

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