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Totally Buffalo Expands to Lewiston, Brings Local Artisans and WNY Charm to Center Street

Mary Friona and Scott Celani of Totally Buffalo are expanding their business to the Village of Lewiston. They have decided to open a new store at 467 Center St., the former location of You & Me boutique, in May.

Totally Buffalo Expands to Lewiston, Bringing Local Artisans and Western New York Charm to Center Street

Celani expressed his excitement for this new venture in Lewiston, stating, “We love Lewiston. We know a lot of people there, we have some very good friends. We have a strong connection to the area.” The couple previously operated in Niagara Falls before relocating to Lewiston, as they found it to be a better fit for their business. Friona also emphasized the significance of Lewiston, describing it as a historic and unique section of Western New York with many wonderful people.

Totally Buffalo was established by Friona and Celani to promote Western New Yorkers and local artisans. Friona mentioned that they began organizing vendor festivals and events in 2017, but had to adapt their business model due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, they opened a temporary retail store in the midst of the pandemic, which was received positively by the community. This success led to the decision to continue operating as a permanent store.

The store offers a variety of merchandise, including clothing, jewelry, candles, handmade soaps, tumblers, books, food, and home décor items. Friona highlighted the high-quality products sourced from talented artisans in Western New York. She also mentioned that they focus on offering unique items that cannot be found elsewhere, at reasonable prices. The couple expressed gratitude towards their loyal customers who keep returning to their stores.

In terms of their new location in Lewiston, Friona stated that they were drawn to the space at 467 Center St. due to the landlord's interest in their work. Although it is a smaller space compared to their other locations, they plan to curate a boutique-style store that celebrates the local community. Celani added that they are already brainstorming ideas for items that showcase the charm of Lewiston.

The pending opening of Totally Buffalo in Lewiston has been well-received by the local community. Businesses like Orange Cat Coffee Co. have expressed excitement about the new addition to Center Street, following the closure of You & Me boutique. Laura Mann Falsetti, the former owner of the boutique, expressed her confidence in Friona and Celani's ability to contribute positively to the Lewiston community.

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