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Want to Enhance Your Solar Eclipse Experience? Wear Green or Red!

Want to Enhance Your Solar Eclipse Experience? Wear Green or Red!

The choice of colors you select to wear during the celestial event on April 8th can significantly impact your overall viewing experience. It is recommended to steer clear of neutral hues such as black, white, gray, or brown, as these colors may cause you to blend into the background. Instead, astronomers suggest viewers wear festive colors like red or green to enhance your solar eclipse viewing experience. According to experts at Solar Eyeglasses, just before totality, our eyes transition into a phase known as mesopic vision and we encounter what is referred to as the Purkinje effect.

Renowned astronomer and solar eclipse enthusiast, Gordon Telepun, explains that the Purkinje effect alters our perception of colors in low light situations. Green hues appear more vibrant and stand out against the dim environment. By pairing a warm shade like red with the bright cool tone of green, the solar eclipse can appear more vivid and striking.

Telepun further illustrates the concept by simulating the Purkinje effect through adjustments in brightness, color saturation, and tone. This effect accentuates the colors and allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of your surroundings during the eclipse.

To fully appreciate the shift in color saturation, it is advisable for a large group of individuals to don these complementary red and green colors.

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