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Waterfalls Galore at Watkins Glen State Park

Whether you are looking to explore waterfalls galore, trails, gorges, parks and more, Watkins Glen State Park has it all.

Located in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes Region, Watkins Glen State park is found on the beautiful Seneca Lake. The Finger Lakes Region is the perfect place for lodging, dining, wineries, breweries and distilleries, and more!

Watkins Glen State Park waterfalls New York Finger Lakes
Watkins Glen State Park Waterfall - Photo courtesy of New York Parks and Recreation

Throughout this state park you will experience a series of waterfalls and gorges. With 19 waterfalls and over 800 stone steps, this almost two mike hike will take you past it all.

Watkins Glen State Park also has a series of small trails close to the main trail that lead to a number of other outdoor activities they have to offer.

This park also has other amenities such as trailer and camp sites, swimming pools, picnic areas and optional guided tours.

Most commonly asked questions:

How much does it cost to enter Watkins State Glen Park?

$10 per vehicle

$35 for non-commercial busses

$75 for commercial busses

$75 for a non-profit seasonal buss pass.

*These fees are collected at all gates entering the park from sunrise to sunset throughout the months of mid-may to mid-October.

How long does it take to walk through Watkins Glen State Park?

Hikers recommend at least an hour and even longer if you plan on taking a more relaxed hike with stops and photos.

Is it hard to walk Watkins Glen State Park?

While it may seem challenging to walk throughout the park due to 500 feet in elevation and the series of over 800 steps in stone pathways, many stop so frequently that the elevation gain is not much of a concern.

Are pets dogs allowed in Watkins Glenn State Park?

Yes! Leashed dogs are allowed on their outer rim trails. Please note that dogs are NOT allowed on the Gorge Trail.


Contact Information:

Phone: (607) 535-4511

Map of the park: *PRINTABLE!*

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