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Explore Niagara Falls and More with the Discover Niagara Shuttle

Planning your trip to Niagara Falls can seem daunting with the variety of destinations, including vineyards, museums, and historic landmarks. However, with the Discover Niagara Shuttle getting around is no longer a headache, but easy peasy!

Discover Niagara Shuttle Niagara Falls New York NY USA

The Discover Niagara Shuttle is a seasonal service providing direct transportation to the best spots that the Niagara area has to offer. Starting at Niagara Falls State Park, it makes over 15 stops enroute, touching key tourist points including the Old Fort Niagara, Lewiston’s waterfront, and several charming stops at local wineries and historic sites along the Niagara River Corridor.

From May through October, the shuttle operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm, and additional evening service runs from 6 pm to midnight from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Whether you're hoping to get an early start or plan to enjoy the stunning scenery under the starlit sky, the Discover Niagara Shuttle makes it convenient for you.

An added advantage of this service is the cost-effectiveness. Riding the shuttle is FREE of charge, making it a budget-friendly choice for families and groups. The service makes it possible to leave your car behind, enjoy scenic views from the shuttle, and experience the beauty of Niagara hassle-free.

Shuttle riders can also take advantage of the onboard interpreters and printed guides who share in-depth knowledge about the history and significance of the sites along the route. With this complimentary amenity, passengers not only see the beauty of the region but understand its history too.

Even for those visitors planning to explore Niagara at a leisurely pace, the shuttle runs in a loop which arrives at each stop every hour, offering you ample time to discover each destination at your own pace.

Planning your journey on the Discover Niagara Shuttle is effortless with their intuitive app that provides real-time tracking of the shuttles and all the stops they service.

The convenience of this service, its scenic route, and knowledgeable guides make the Discover Niagara Shuttle the perfect choice to explore all the treasures that Niagara Falls and the surrounding area has to offer.

Discover Niagara Shuttle Niagara Falls New York NY USA

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