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Prepare for an intense battle against the creepy inhabitants of Carnival Chaos in Canada, as you arm yourself and face the nightmare that awaits.

Trapped in the twisted mind of a vengeful clown, you must navigate through a ghastly setting filled with nightmarish creatures. Like a helpless mouse in the clutches of a villainous cat, you will be tossed, pulled, and toyed with. Overcome your fears, gather your friends and family, and prepare to confront the fiendish hordes at Carnival Chaos.

As you venture deeper into this demonic realm, you must bring your best skills to challenge the relentless carnival workers who attack from all sides. Brace yourself for a series of perilous amusement rides, starting with a rickety roller coaster crashing through the roof of a sinister workshop. Get ready to be spun out of control on the Wheel of Misfortune and the terrifying swing ride. Bang around in bumper cars until you are finally led to the bizarre Big Top show.

Throughout your journey, the freakish inhabitants will stir up chaos, testing your resolve at every turn. Each rider is armed with a laser gun for self-defense, but cooperation and teamwork greatly improve your chances of survival. Compete for the highest score by hitting as many targets as possible. This fully immersive experience is a dark ride like no other, providing an unprecedented level of engagement.

Carnival Chaos features seven fully interactive screens and five carts accommodating four players each. The award-winning HyperRide system combines the latest elements of ride simulators and gaming technology, delivering a truly immersive experience. With state-of-the-art projection, captivating media and gameplay, high-velocity motion, and detailed 3D animation and sounds, this attraction sets a new standard. It joins a lineup of Clifton Hill rides designed by dark ride legends TrioTech, including Zombie Attack (XD Dark Ride), Cosmic Coaster (XD Theatre), Typhoon, and Storm arcade games at the Great Canadian Midway.

Please note the height restriction of a minimum of 42" (106.7cm or 3'6") and a weight restriction of a maximum of 300lbs (136 kg or 21.4 stone) for riders.




(905) 358-3676


Ticket Pricing:

Adult $9.99

Child $7.99


*Prices do not include applicable tax.

*Prices in Canadian currency.

Hours of Operation:

See hours here - subject to change or closing due to weather conditions


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