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U-Pick Apple Picking Schedule for Sanger Farms & Bakery 2023

This may not be known to all, but beyond Niagara Falls there is a stunning countryside full of family owned and operated farms. Some of these farms are dedicated to fall activities with one of Niagara's favorite things to do; apple picking.

Apple picking season is fast approaching and if you know as well as I do, you have to prepare in advance before the good apples are gone! Here is the U-Pick apple picking schedule for Sanger Farms and Bakery in Youngstown, NY.

Sanger Farm and Bakery Apple Picking 2023 season schedule




Sanger Farms is a family owned and operated farm and bakery just a short drive from Lake Ontario and Niagara County. For the last 4 generations, Sanger Farms has been known to produce some of the best fruits in the country.

Known for its peaches and apples, their samples can be further enjoyed as fresh ingredients in their farm's delicious pies and baked goods.

They also have a farm cafe where you can go to enjoy a quite bite to eat!

Check out their menu here.

When can you apple pick at Sanger Farms?

They are tentatively aiming to start apple picking on September 13th. Once picking begins they will be open for U-pick every day from 9am-6pm until the end of the season!

U-Pick apple picking at Sanger Farms and Bakery tentative start date of September 13th, 2023! Schedule and Info here.


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