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Radio Niagara $7.2M Project Moves Forward - Bowling Alley, Hotel, Restaurants

The ambitious $7.2 million Radio NiagaNewra project is gaining momentum, already securing its first approval and set to bolster the region's tourism sector.

Radio Niagara Falls Tourism Bowling Alley Hotel Restaurants

The Niagara County Planning Board has granted site plan approval for the project spearheaded by TM Montante Development. Now the plan awaits the green light from the Niagara Falls Planning Board for further development.

According to Director of Development Byron DeLuke, the project team is striving to secure the property's eligibility for historic tax credits through the state and federal government.

Once they navigate the intricate processes of permitting and design, construction on the project is slated to kick off by early summer. This milestone project will take roughly a year to come to fruition.

Radio Niagara will encompass a wide range of features aimed to lure tourists, such as a bowling alley, various dining venues, bars, a chic outdoor patio, and even a six-room boutique hotel.

This initiative received generous support in the form of a $942,609 Cataract Tourist Fund benefit, alongside $601,661 in tax incentives from the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency. As such, the Radio Niagara project is an investment that signals exciting times ahead for Niagara Falls tourism.

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