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Niagara Action Launches Wide-Ranging Website Centered on Niagara Falls Tourism

Niagara Falls, NY: On Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, Niagara Action Media announced the launch of their wide-ranging website centered around tourism in Niagara Falls, events in Western New York, and heartwarming community stories.

Niagara Action has maintained the largest social media presence in Niagara County for over five years. Over the past eight months, Niagara Action has shifted its focus to concentrating on positive community news and promoting tourism for the Cataract City. Since that time, Niagara Action has grown to cement itself as having largest tourism-based social media presence in New York State centered around Niagara Falls.

The move to focus on highlighting community events and small businesses, positive news and tourism was a no brainer for owner Nicollette Silluzio.

“The Niagara region, and Western New York as a whole, has so much to offer,” said Silluzio. “Oftentimes we forget the things that make this area special. There are countless small businesses, attractions, events and etc. that deserve to be highlighted and publicized not only for people in our community, but for the millions of people that come each year to see Niagara Falls. Our website will feature a comprehensive events calendar covering events all over Western New York for kids, adults and tourists to enjoy.

As it pertains to tourism, Silluzio stated she intends to make Niagara Falls a multi-day destination.

“I am a firm believer that there is much more for tourists to experience in Western New York than Niagara Falls itself. One of the most important parts of our website allows visitors to plan a trip filled with attractions, activities, tours, events, and eateries that they would otherwise not know about. My goal is to make Niagara Falls more than a quick stop for tourists, but rather a true vacation destination filled with days of fun and excitement.”

According to data compiled by Facebook (Meta), Niagara Action reaches an average of 45-60 million people per month with an average engagement of 5-10 million, which includes 5-10 million video views during that span.

The website also includes unique falls-inspired merchandise not sold anywhere else. Going forward, Silluzio says her goal is to continue expanding.

“This website is merely the first step in moving toward an all-encompassing one-stop-shop for tourists from all over the world. Our future, and that of the Niagara region, is bright.”

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