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The Historic Town of Lewiston - A Gem of the Niagara Region

The Historic Town of Lewiston - A Gem of the Niagara Region
The Historic Town of Lewiston - A Gem of the Niagara Region

Village of Lewiston, located only ten (10) minutes away from Niagara Falls, is said to be the “most historic square mile in America.” As it turns out, there are several very good reasons giving merit to the claim. For example, Lewiston was the site of the first European settlement in Western New York in 1720.

It is the site of the American invasion of Canada in 1812, which was later burned to the ground by the British in December of 1813. Lewiston also happened to be the last stop for slaves using the underground railroad seeking freedom from slavery in Canada.

In addition to the various historical significances, you can actually see how the power of Niagara Falls, one of the world’s mightiest wonders, over thousands of years, eroded south through seven miles of solid rock to its present location now in the City of Niagara Falls. A path that is visible by following the Niagara Gorge which begins in Lewiston.

Lewiston is also home to the cocktail drink, which was invented by Catherine Hustler. Ms. Hustler’s tavern in Lewiston was the last building left standing when the British invaded, perhaps, as some say, because the British Officers recalled their good times sipping a “Cocktail” prepared by the owner. A gin mixture, the drink got its name from being stirred with a tail feather of a stuffed cockerel (a young male of the domestic fowl).

Lewiston sits on the Niagara River directly across from Canada and halfway between Niagara Falls and historic Fort Niagara in Youngstown.

The business district of Lewiston, stretching for more than a mile on Center Street, is definitely worth walking. The dozens of shops and restaurants that line the street give it a small town feel that you would never experience in a larger, more commercial, setting. Also stunning are the homes and buildings, now renovated into shops or restaurants, that were constructed during the 1800’s and still standing today.

There are many popular festivals in Lewiston throughout the year, such as the Art Festival, Peach Festival, Taste of Lewiston, and Jazz Festival.

One of the better known attractions in Lewiston, and in fact the entire Western New York region, is Artpark. An indoor-outdoor theater complex that is home to performing and visual arts presentations, shows, and concerts, throughout the summer months.

Lewiston is a must-see stop for visitors who wish to experience the brilliance and wonder of what the Niagara Region has to offer.

To find out more about what Lewiston has to offer, check out the Discover, Explore and Eat/Drink pages of our website.

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